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Rules Update Jan 27, 2012:

As most of you have or have not noticed, you've likely been removed as a member of this group. Our members list was cut from about 700 members and is now down to 32 members (including mods and owners). Don't worry, you where not kicked out because you did something wrong. The self-submission problem has become such an issue that even with helpers it is a waste of time to deal with and it is seriously effecting how this group is run and our ability to get to and deal with legitimate submitters. So we have changed a few things around here:

1. Only members can submit art.
2. Anyone can still apply to be a member, however membership is no longer automatically approved.
3. Members who break the rules will be banned from being members (self-submit, submit non-illustration, etc. we will be more lenient with miscats), without warning. You will be held accountable for the content of your submissions.

We have done our best to try to remember and not remove those who have been frequently good submitters, however it is impossible to remember everyone's username, so if you where one of these people, please do not feel offended. If you are still interested in being a member of this group, please free to apply for membership again with the new joining guidelines:

in order to join the group you must first read the group's rules and submission judgment page.

Submission Categories and Rules
Submission/Judgment Info and FAQ

Once you have done so, you may apply for membership and add the statement "I have read and understand the Submission Rules and Judgment Info. I will never submit my own work to this group." Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected. Members who break our rules will be demoted back to watching with loss of privileges without warning.

If you are only here to watch the group and are not interested in submitting artwork, it is not necessary to be a member however you may still apply if you wish.

Self Submission Help

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2011, 11:12 AM
Self Submission Help

One of our biggest problems, and what we spend the most time doing in this group as mods unfortunately is not finding new and interesting art or opening dialogues with our contributors, but rather spent clearing out and responding to the massive amount of self submissions that people carelessly send in. We know that it's par for the course that people mindlessly mass join groups for the sole purpose of self promotion without a care as to what a group is about and this is a reality that we do not have time to deal with right now.

If there is anyone out there who wishes to help us out in clearly out the self submissions, please fill out the following form and send it to the group's notes:

Admin/Mod Of: other groups that you have experience in running/moding and what functions you where in charge of
Time Available/Week: how much time do you have available in the week to check and clear out these submissions?

Please keep in mind that this job is to help clear out the self submissions. NOT to vote on legitimate submissions. It is not a very time consuming job, but it would still help us out a lot.

A last reminder to members: Self submissions are NOT allowed in this group. Members who continue to spam us will be banned.

Expired Submissions Rule Amendment

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 26, 2011, 1:07 AM
Rules Update June 26, 2011

We have amended the no re-submission rule to allow for re-submission of a deviation in the event that a submission expires before a decision can be reached.

The members of our panel evaluate each submission with care an discuss with the other panel members their thoughts on the piece and if it should or should not be accepted into the group. Elite-Illustration does its best to maintain the quality standard that our watchers have come to expect and evaluating artwork is not like evaluating a math test. While things like anatomy, technical skill, composition, etc are measurable; ideas, mood and overall impression and quality of an image are subjective. Every once and a while there comes a time when no matter how much a piece is discussed, a decision can not be reached by the panel as to whether or not a piece belongs in our group or not at that time. In cases like these, the piece is discussed, set aside to view later and discussed again. Unfortunately, once and a while, due to deviantart's time restrictions on accepting or rejecting pieces into a group, a deviation submission expires and there is nothing that we can do to stop it. In cases like these, if you have found your submission has expired, we encourage our members to re-submit after some time has passed so that we may view it again with fresh eyes.

We No Longer Accept Self Submissions

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 16, 2011, 2:47 PM
Rules Update April 16, 2011:

Elite-Illustration is no longer accepting self submissions. From now on, please only suggestion artwork from your faves.


In the beginning, self submissions where fine, we received very few of them and it was usually from people who genuinely felt their work belonged in this group. Over the past weeks however the amount of submissions we have been receiving from people's faves has gone way down to the point where 90% of the artwork being submitted here is self suggestion. In addition to this, the amount of thought and quality of these submissions has also plummeted. People are no longer evaluating the work they are submitting and are simply submitting their artwork for the hell of it "hey, you never know, it couldn't hurt". In addition to this, most all of these people have never suggested anyone else's work, only their own.

This is not what our group is about. Our group is about members finding and sharing their fave artworks and artists with other members of the group, not about self promotion. If your only goal in joining this group is to try and get more attention for yourself, this is not the group for you.

It is unfortunate that we will have to cut off some great artists who truly understand the spirit of this group, but we can no longer deal with the flood of careless self promotion that this has become.

Artwork submitted before April 16th will be evaluated according to our old rules

We would also like to mention while we are making an update, to please not feel discouraged if a piece you submit is not accepted, we must evaluate the artwork very harshly and it is not a comment about you or your taste, we appreciate every submission we get and the enthusiasm of the people who submit to share these artworks with DA.

Submission/Judgment Process and FAQ

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 23, 2011, 12:46 PM
The Process Itself:

When a piece of art is suggested to the group, it goes into a communal group message box where all of the group staff can see it. When we click on the submission we are taken to the 'comments' page of the submission that shows us how many people have voted (yes or no) on it, who voted what and an area where we can discuss the piece among ourselves.

After a piece receives the required number of yes or no votes, it is voted either in or out. All staff (not just the ones who are around when a piece is submitted) are included in the voting process and the majority of EI staff must vote yes on a picture for it to be accepted (or no for a piece to be rejected). A dialogue can be opened up between the suggester and the staff on this page as well (although the suggester can not view votes or private discussion). Sometimes these discussions may take as little as a few hours, sometimes we may spend up to a week discussing a work.

What we consider when looking at suggested works:

It seems that there has been a bit of confusion over what we are looking for with this group, our criteria and our standards. There are a lot of good artworks out there that we all love to death and want to suggest, but there are also a few things to consider as well before deciding that it might belong to this group:

● Style: Everyone piece and artist has their own unique way of drawing. Something that needs to be considered is whether or not the style is interesting, engaging and working for that particular illustration. Is the style well thought out? Is it relevant?

● Mood and Atmosphere: Technical skill does not count for everything. What makes a picture engaging and inspiring is your ability to connect with the work being presented. Does the picture have an engaging mood? Does it portray something? Is it simply nicely drawn/rendered/shiny/impressive with little more to add?

● Does the drawing have good anatomy? Is it a solid drawing? Not just drawings of people, but drawings of anything. Does the anatomy work with the style? Do objects being presented feel they exist in the time, space and reality of the picture? Are the technical aspects of the drawings drawn to a high standard?

● Does the drawing have good technique? Are the lines or strokes drawn with purpose and with skill? Do the colours flow the way they should? Do meaningless details try to distract from the mistakes?

● Did the artist put thought and reason into how they painted/drew the picture? Is the picture well thought out? Is it well composed? Does it flow well? Did thought clearly go into this or is it just nice for the sake of being nice?

● Does the artist understand what they are doing? Do they show a high level of skill in their chosen area? Does their skill level match or exceed those in the group's gallery? If you where a GM, would you give this a Daily Deviation? Would you feature this in a publication?

● Is it creative? Is it a drawing of a person's face, copy of a photo or a bowl of fruit with nothing more to add than what is put before them? There are a lot of very technically sound artworks out there that are simply copying something in front of them or a nice rendering of a character standing around. Regardless of how skilled the drawing is, if it does not offer us something new, interesting, mysterious or creative as an illustration, it is very doubtful that it will be accepted, regardless of how well rendered or nicely drawn it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

● Do you only accept certain styles?
No, we look at works of all style and judge them by their own merits, however we hold all styles and mediums to the same skill and quality standards.

● Do staff get all their picks automatically in?
No, all staff must go through the exact same submission as members, even the founder.

● The piece I suggested was accepted, but it's not in the group's gallery! Why?
After it is approved by group staff, it will send an invitation to the artist requesting that their piece appear in our group. If the artist is inactive, the invite sent expires, they ignore it or it gets rejected, it will not appear in the group. The artist has the final submission say. This of course only applies to other artists suggested, suggesting your own work will not require this extra step.

● What do you mean by elite? Can any artist have their work accepted?
We are referring to the illustrations submitted themselves. Who the artist is has no baring on any of our processes or considerations, nor does the other art in their gallery (unless we think it might be stolen). To put our name another way, it simply translates to "Best Illustration". Anyone who might tell you it means anything along the lines of "Elitist/Snobby Illustrators" either do not know English or are trying to cause drama, please either correct or ignore them respectively.

● I want to know more about why the artwork I submitted wasn't accepted.
Feel free to respond to our comment left on the submission to inquire.

● I have some suggestions for the group/concerns I wish to express.
You are welcome to note the group if you have any concerns.